We’ve heard your problems and ideas since 2011. Be it something you can’t get hold of from another retailer, something you wish was available, or the common “I had an accident”.

We have tried to cater for not just the popular iPhone but also for a range of other popular and semi popular models. We offer a range of solutions for Phones, IPads & Laptops. Be it protective or fashionable casing and accessories, even solo requests. If we can get it for you we will (provided you are willing to wait), or at least point you in the right direction. 

Samsung, iPhone & Ipad Repairs in Christchurch

All our stores offer a wide range of Phone Cases, Accessories & Mobile and Laptop repairs.

We have technicians in store 7 days a week and are fully trained to help you tackle any issues you are having with your smart device or laptop.

We are always here to help.


Smart phones

Screen Replacement

Battery Replacement

Charging Issue

Camera Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Home Button Replacement

Software Service

Device Unblocking

Water Damage Repair

Data Transfer

Computer Services

LCD Replacement

Windows Installation

Hard Drive Replacement

Data Recovery

Internet & Email Setup

Ram Upgrade

Virus Removal

Printer Setup

New Device Training

Motherboard Repair


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