About Us

We’ve heard your problems and ideas since 2011. Be it something you can’t get hold of from another retailer, something you wish was available, or the common “I had an accident”. We have tried to cater for not just the popular iPhone but also for a range of other popular and semi popular models. We offer a range of solutions for Phones, iPads & Laptops. Be it protective or fashionable casing and accessories, even solo requests. If we can get it for you we will (provided you are willing to wait), or at least point you in the right direction. Occasionally we buy used phones, broken or in fully working condition. These will often be refurbished or simply tested and sold on. Most items sell quickly but we will post items when available. Amongst our teams at The Palms and Northlands we have technicians to fulfil repairs and diagnostics. The diagnostics are available without any repair and even available as a hard or electronic copy for your insurance company. We do many insurance claims and corporate work also.

iCell’s 90 Day Warranty on Repairs: Being amongst the very 1st Independent Companies in New Zealand to offer warranty on repairs. We try to offer something above our competitors, be it price or service.

We are confident with the quality of our work and unlike some, we offer a warranty. No matter how amazing our technicians are, life loves throwing curve balls. If you have any issues with functionality within 90 days of your repair, bring it by and we will try to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Only parts replaced by our technicians are covered except physical and pressure damage.

With great advances in technology since 2011, not to mention what we will see, the more advanced and thinner devices become trying, with certain brands being more complex than others. When repairing devices we may have to make minor cosmetic changes (bend out corners, file sharp edges, etc.) These cosmetic differences are not covered by the warranty. If the housing is severely damaged on a device, we will advise that there is more risk to it breaking again, and may not offer a warranty. This accounts for less that 5% of our repairs. An example would be a severely bent iPhone or Samsung, but the customer dependent on having the screen replaced. We know all too well that accidents happen. Unfortunately the warranty does not cover accidental damage (that would be an insurance package), if you break the device again, it is not covered by the iCell warranty. The good news is we replace and repair with quality parts, of which the some of our screens are OEM. We will also help protect your device from future accidents by recommending cases and screen protectors. Regularly we find customers with limited understanding of technology they may own. We are here to help and can offer friendly advice and opinions. Please remember, your frustration is not our fault, so being polite to our team will result in a more comfortable environment and generous helping hand from us. Enjoy your device! And if you don’t, tell us why not… Let’s see if we can make you enjoy and understand what the world is going crazy about with this technology.